Control Third Party Fixtures With The Updated ARRI Stellar 2 Lighting Control App

ARRI rolls out an update for its lighting control app Stellar.

Being able to control hundreds of lights in the palm of your hand is quite the technological achievement when considering the historical alternative was a ladder.

While catwalks, Genie lifts, and yes, even ladders, are still commonly used on sets to mount and create lighting rigs, controlling how the light interacts in a scene is easier thanks to tech like DMX controllers, desktop software applications, and mobile apps.

ARRI Stellar falls into the mobile app category and receives another significant update after rolling out multiple user functionality in 2019.

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A Viral ‘Grown Ups 3’ Script is Making Twitter Explode

There is no Grown Ups 3 movie, not yet, but the script is written and everyone is talking about it.

Tom Scharpling is a successful comedy writer who loves Adam Sandler. He loves him so much that he says he thinks he saw Happy Gilmore something like thirty times in theaters.

While Scharpling does not defend every Sandler title, his obsession with him and his movies led him to tackle writing a version of Grown Ups 3, a movie he thinks we all deserve.

Tons of celebs like Adam McKay have been tweeting out Scharpling’s script, mostly because of how fun and weird it is. I took the morning and read it… it’s insane. The script starts out as a regular Grown Ups movie, with the gang attending the Rob Schneider character’s funeral, but it quickly shifts into slasher territory, with a ton of twists along the way.

I found the pages turning fast, and I laughed way more than I anticipated.

While there’s a slim chance anyone will ever make this movie, it’s worth the read.

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Unraveling ‘1917’, the Insta 360, and Chris Terrio vs. ILM

The magic of the oner!

This week Michelle Delateur joins Charles Haine and George Edelman to discuss the genius behind 1917, what Chris Terrio meant when he insulted ILM, and the latest from Insta 360.

If you want to avoid any 1917 spoilers, skip ahead to 20:35 on the timeline for the other segments.

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