13 Sound Design Tips to Make Your Film Feel More Cinematic

Sound design helps the audience sink into their seats and experience your film in more visceral ways. So you better get it right.

Sound design is one of those tricky things that you don’t notice when it’s excellent. It’s only on repeated viewings that it really shows its worth. The first time, it just draws you into a movie and lets you enjoy it.

What I love about this kind of artistry is how many things go into every choice.

One of my favorite websites dealing with sound and sound design is Film Crux. They’ve done free giveaways for us in the past and generally have excellent information available. Plus I’ve bought and used their sound kits. Lots of fun.

They recently released this video of sound design tips.

Check it out and let’s go through them after the jump.

13 Sound Design Tips to Make your Film Feel More Cinematic

1. Punctuate

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