Here’s How to Create Viral, Low-Budget Horror

Todd Spence and Zak White of Midnight Video share their tips for creating scary horror shorts on virtually no budget.

If you know me, then you know I’m all about horror. And I’ve been following LA-based filmmakers Todd Spence and Zak White (who release movies under their Midnight Video banner) for a few years now. Their work is atmospheric and creepy and always packs a good, punchy scare. For instance, 2017’s Your Date Is Here was a Fantastic Fest pick and a viral hit, and is one of my favorite horror shorts ever.

I was super excited when they released their latest short film, Fear Wish, this month. They made this particular short while working out some kinks on a separate, bigger-budget project, and kindly agreed to give No Film School a behind-the-scenes look at their development process and how they work with basically no money. So let’s dig in!

NFS: You guys went to school together in St. Louis, moved to LA, and were originally working in the comedic space. What prompted the shift to horror?

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