How Did the ‘Dark Fate’ VFX Team Bring Back Young Sarah Connor?

With de-aging all the rage, it’s no surprise that when it came to Dark Fate, we got altered versions of the Connor family and the T-800. How did they do it?

Everyone is talking about the de-aging in The Irishman and Gemini Man, but what about the epic maneuvers they used in Terminator: Dark Fate to recreate 90s Arnold, Edward Furlong, and Linda Hamilton?

The answers lie with Eric Barba, the film’s VFX supervisor.

He won an Oscar for 2008’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so he knows a thing or two about messing with age. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I look back at Benjamin Button and the tools that we had, and I don’t know how we got it that good…Ten years later, we are still pushing that envelope. It’s still really hard.”

There are a few ways to commit to de-aging an actor.

In Dark Fate, they worked with several techniques.

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