Watch: This Pelican Case Gets Battle Tested to See How Tough It Really Is

How well does a Pelican case stand up against fire, two-story drops, and vicious hammer attacks?

Filmmakers want to believe that when they put their very expensive and precious camera gear inside their camera bag/case that it’ll be safe from harm, but is it? Well, if you’ve got a Pelican hard case it just might be. B&H put the manufacturer’s new line of Pelican Air cases to the ultimate battle test, dropping it off of buildings, shooting paintballs at it, and finally, throwing it into a burning trash can. Check out the video below to see how well it held up.

Granted, this video is nothing more than an ad masquerading as a battle test for Pelican’s new case, but to be fair, there’s a reason why so many filmmakers go with Pelican cases: they work. They’re airtight, watertight, crushproof, and dustproof—and I know you can’t ethically say they’re fire retardant, but still, that case survived a dirty garbage can fire. That’s pretty impressive.

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