Slamdance Audience Award Winner ‘Dave Made a Maze’ Was Inspired by an Epic Pillow Fort

“If you don’t have hot glue gun scars on your hands, you didn’t work on this movie with us.”

After years of frustration as filmmakers and actors, Bill Watterson and Steven Sears decided to take matters into their own hands. Inspired by a story from Watterson’s youth, Sears started writing the first draft of a script they would eventually co-write, and Watterson would direct, to become this year’s Slamdance Audience Award winner: Dave Made a Maze.

The film tells the story of Dave, who never finishes anything yet somehow builds an epic labyrinth out of cardboard in his apartment, then gets lost inside of it. When his girlfriend Annie comes home, she urges Dave to come out of the maze, but he can’t. Despite Dave’s protests, a group of their friends (including a documentary filmmaker and some complete strangers) show up at their apartment and venture inside his crazy creation to rescue him. Unfortunately for them, Dave may have set some booby traps along the way.

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