Struggling on Your Screenplay Rewrite? Try the ‘Coffee Filter’ Method

“My screenplay needs a rewrite. Where the hell do I even begin?”

The first few drafts of a screenplay are usually just a giant mess of ideas, and cleaning it up might seem next to impossible. With so many things to fix—a character arc, bad lines of dialog, continuity errors—you’ll need an effective way to address every single one as you go through each page of your script, and if dealing with these numerous changes chronologically makes your head feel like it’s going to explode, there is a simpler, albiet more time consuming way to do it. The Film Look calls it the “coffee filter” method and it might just be the revision technique you’ve been looking for.

Just as there’s no “right” way to write a screenplay, there’s no “right” way to revise one. Everybody does it differently; everybody does it in a way that best serves them. This “coffee filter” method isn’t the “right” way, it just might be right for (or helpful to) you.

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