The ‘Why Do Marvel’s Movies Look Kind of Ugly?’ Video is Flat Wrong—Here’s Why

This video essay makes some controversial claims about the color grading of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we set the record straight.

At the end of Patrick (H) Willems’ video below, he invites users to respond if they think he’s being too much of a nitpicky nerd. That’s not the problem with the video, though; it’s that he’s not being nerdy enough, completely missing major points about color grading and even contradicting himself in the video.

Before the flaws, though, it is exciting (for nerds like me) to see any discussion of color grading in the larger public conversation, especially one that acknowledges how much subjective decision making comes into play. This video clearly comes from a place of love for the subject matter and a desire to see the execution of a project improved. That’s great. Unfortunately, the creator gets basically everything else possible to get wrong about color wrong in this case.

Color is an image isn’t just up to the colorist, it’s a complex result of decisions made all the way back to the script stage.

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