How OK GO Stretched a 4.2-Second Shot into a 4-Minute Music Video

Known for their innovative music videos, the band one-ups themselves again with an insane new clip for ‘The One Moment’.

With an ever-growing and increasingly impressive cannon of shorts to their name, we find ourselves wondering if it’s high time for the members of OK GO to drop the mics and focus their efforts exclusively on cameras. In their last video, they took to parabolic flight on Russian airliner S7 Airlines, which we’re pretty sure will be the only music video to be ever shot entirely in zero-gravity.

Their latest short for the song ‘The One Moment’ takes a pretty simple premise we’ve seen before in music videos and literally blows it up to the nth degree. In past efforts, Spike Jonze and Matt Yoka have both used slow-motion to create an illusion where people around the bound move slowly while the artist moves in real time.

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