How to Create Hybrid Animation: ‘Don’t Get Sidetracked on Crap’

“Don’t get sidetracked on crap you think people expect you to do. That’s just a mirage.”

The traditional style of hand-drawn animation is thriving thanks to a marriage with technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work of filmmaker Drew Christie. His latest series, Drawn & Recorded, brings the hybrid style to a collection of unusual music history anecdotes produced by Gunpowder & Sky and released on Spotify.

Drew sat down with No Film School to talk about the process of animation using pens and AE, the importance of color palettes, and the guiding philosophy that has kept him true to his artistic self.

Here’s one film in the series, about the naming of Kurt Cobain’s seminal song Smells Like Teen Spirit:

No Film School: Where did the idea for Drawn & Recorded series come from?

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